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Higher FSI, but will it bring down prices in India’s most expensive property market Mumbai

MUMBAI: Mumbai's skyline may rise but so will realty prices in the coming years if not immediately. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) decision to increase the area that can be developed on a plot of land in the city's different pockets may spur construction of swanky high-rise buildings, say consultants and builders. But consumers may have to pay for it [...]

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Home buyers back in the real estate market after a long lull

NEW DELHI | MUNBAI | BANGALORE: Builders in the National Capital Region were pleasantly surprised to see potential homebuyers thronging their site offices over the weekend, reminding them of the situation 12-18 months ago, before the fortunes of the housing sector began to decline.Some friendly measures in the budget for 2014-15 announced last week, the general improvement in sentiment after [...]

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Prepare your finances before buying a house

Moving out of a rented apartment to one's own house is a dream that cuts across income groups. Besides, easy home loan offerings from financiers, including banks, have caught the fancy of many in recent years. However, the huge debt burden has also spelt doom for a large section of aspiring homebuyers, especially those who did not assess their financial [...]

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Six documents to check when booking a flat

When comparing properties we usually look at location, price and possession date. These are no doubt important parameters for short-listing, however there are many more important things to check before you finalize a deal. Legal documentation and clearances Ask for copies of all necessary permissions prior to making any financial commitment. Check the following documents and clearance certificates to avoid [...]

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Real estate Market: Buy Property in Religious cities

Religion is not affected by slowdown. Actually, people become more god-fearing during tough times. Indian developers know this well. That's why many are headed to pilgrimage towns, not to pray but to build projects to sell to those who want to live in proximity to their gods. Over the last few years, many developers have launched projects to capitalise on [...]

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Invest In office Space to Diversify Real Estate Portfolio

If you are a savvy investor who wants to diversify his real estate portfolio, office spaces can be a good bet. Investing in offices - one of the two components of commercial real estate, the other being retail - is a good way to earn high rental income and gain from capital appreciation. DIVERSIFICATION BID In an environment where stock [...]

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Picking The Right Property

The sun shining over the horizon, clouds dotted with birds, a river flowing by quietly, and a pretty garden abutting a small house. This is how most children are primed to imagine their dream home. However, in the real world, a house is just another commodity made and sold by companies whose aim is to make as much money as [...]

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Beware the Traps

India's real estate industry is notorious for its lack of transparency. Buyers often find themselves locked into properties which have serious flaws or paying for things they neither wanted nor need. Worse, without their knowledge, they might be made to shell out more to fund fines levied on builders. To tackle the problems, the government has decided to set up [...]

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Real Estate Watch Townships benefits Developers buyers

Everyone dreams of buying a reasonably-priced home in a good area. But it's easier said than done. There are not many affordable properties in major urban centres. Though one can get houses at lower price points just outside the big cities, such areas lack quality infrastructure such as roads, schools and health-care centres. These locations are developed by private real [...]

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