Fairdeals forte is Services to corporates for all the commercial property. Be it outright or leasing or even just feasiblilty study Fairdeal provides all the required solutions to the corporate world.  Some of the known services given to corporates are tabbed below. If any of the services you feel are missing or you feel you need something more than that please feel free to contact us.

Capital Market Advisory

Realty has always been the preferred investment destination of capital markets the world over. However the sub-prime crises of 2008 brought back the need for providing strong value propositions even in the realty sector. Our key strength is that we are real estate professionals with strong understanding of on-ground reality and capital market trends. Our expertise in the Industry is grounded; Thus if we are bullish about a particular investment our sentiments would normally sprout from the actual ground reality and expert understanding of market trends over the years. a fact that sets us apart from the rest in business. As result our clients have managed to derive profits from their investments even when the marketing was coming in recapturing from heavy losses.


Fairdeal is the preferred consultancy of leading Indian corporates. Fairdeal is known in the Industry circles for its accurate advice and expert prediction of realty trends in India. Various corporate houses have taken advantage of our insights for their business development If you’re in growth mode, we’ll help you meet the portfolio challenges associated with mergers and acquisitions. And our cutting-edge workplace solutions will improve your use of space and reflect the way your employees want and need to work. our Value additions Expert understanding of Realty market Awareness of on ground situation Excellent market intelligence

lease administrativeFairdeal Realtors is India’s first Real estate consultancy to professional lease Administration services. This was made possible by harnessing by engaging some of the largest corporation in India, devising full-proof processes and harnessing our state-of-the-art software management processes for the purpose. Our Lease Administration services include : • Lease Abstraction Extracting key information from the parties to agreement and lease document to ensure flawless administration of the lease in long term • Audits and Review: Time-bound review to ensure success full administration and satisfaction of parties involved • Database Management: Maintenance and updating of corresponding database in line with set tenets of the agreement • Transition facilitation: To ensure hassle free transfer and establishment of corporate assets • Lease facilitation: Connecting clients with the realty that best suits their purpose
Tenant representationFairdeal specializes in providing expert consultancy to occupier looking for a suitable commercial realty in India . As pioneers in the Tenet representation service in India, Fairdeal relies on it the largest verified database of commercial realty, which is at its disposal. Our expert consultants armed with solid knowledge macro-economic indicators and with zest of ground reality are our biggest assets. Their in-depth assessment of realty facilitates best possible review, making decision.
Transaction ManagementCommercial Real estate transactions often involve strategic decision making and high value monetary transfers. Fairdeal’s dedicated team of Transaction Management professionals acts on your behalf to ensure that transactions across your portfolio are executed consistently and are in line with your business objectives. By working closely with network of expert realty consultants on-the-ground, we make sure you secure the right space at the right time and at the best price in local markets. Our Transaction Management specialists combine a wide range of experience across different industries and disciplines. They are well connected to our global network of professionals to leverage best practices and help clients maximise the value of their real estate portfolio.


Our professionals can provide the following core services:

  •  Strategic planning
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Occupancy planning
  • Space acquisition and disposal
  • Portfolio management and reporting